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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have my prescription lenses put in your frames?
In most cases the answer is yes.

It is worth noting that we do produce a purpose made range of prescription frames. You can find them under the Optical Frames section.

Alternatively, there are a number of the frames in our standard magnification readers range which are ideal for prescription lenses. Boston, Oxford and Quatro are all optical stainless steel frames and ideal for prescription lenses. Most of the glasses in our premium price range of readers ($34.95) are made from a material which is quite suitable for having lenses exchanged. Please ask us if this is what you would like to do and we will advice which of your preferred styles are most suitable.

It should be noted that any plastic frames will break if treated roughly (and metal will bend) and painted or printed surfaces bear a higher risk of scratching. 

Why is this acceptable in reading glasses but not in optical frames? Two reasons.

  • Presbyopia is a progressive deterioration of the eyes. Therefore it is unlikely that your reading glasses will suit you for long periods of time. Within a couple of years it will probably be time for a new strength. The conditions for which prescription lenses are required, in general, are more static and a certain prescription may be applicable for 10 years or more. 
  • People with Presbyopia, who need reading glasses - wear their glasses only when they are reading. A fraction of the day usually.  People who need prescription lenses wear their glasses more, often all day long. Wear and tear can be greater due to the increased use.

Of course it all depends on how well you look after them. If you are considering putting prescription lenses in one of our frames, it is cheap insurance to purchase a second identical pair. If anything happens to your first frame, you can move the lens to a brand new frame.
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